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Annual Convention--January 18-20

Note that the 2018 dates are a week later than usual!

The annual convention, trade show, awards banquet and Miss County Fair Pageant will be part of our Annual Convention, January 18-20 at the Galt House in Louisville.

Fairs, Associate Members and Individual Members should complete their membership registrations prior to taking part in the convention or trade show.

Everyone from our fairs, festivals and associate memberships must be registered to attend any part of the convention. (Individual Members attending only the horse show awards banquet or horse show forum, along with anyone attending the beauty pageant does not need to register.)

A completed schedule of events is included in our convention program.

A big thanks to the Kentucky State Fair for again sponsoring our President's Reception on Thursday night. As you know, we also use that opportunity to raise funds for our youth in the annual Youth Scholarship Auction. We'd appreciate your being a part of the process by making a donation of goods or cash.


This could be the most important KAFHS convention you’ve ever attended.

By summer, we’ll be converting all our membership renewals, pageant entries, payments and other reporting to an on-line system, meaning we won’t be mailing and handling paperwork like we have in the past.

It’s very important that each of our members has at least one representative at one of the training sessions we’re offering during the convention.You need to have someone with some knowledge of online forms who you can trust to do your association “paperwork” in the future.That person (or persons) needs to be at a training session this January.

The on-line service is being done at no cost to you.“Saffire” is a national computer programming company that has digitized hundreds of fairs and several state fair associations—KAFHS being the latest.Representatives from the firm will be on hand, conducting training sessions for our county fair representatives at 4 on Friday afternoon and 10 on Saturday morning.These are the only two training sessions being offered before we switch to the on-line service next summer.

Anyone from your organization is welcome to attend the training (which should last about an hour), but we can’t stress enough that the person you’ll be asking to do the entries really needs to attend.They’re even welcome to attend both sessions.


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