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Check toward then end of October for changes that are being made to the 2020 pageant including the new date.

Miss Pre-Teen Contestant Info

Entry Form Instructions

The form cannot be saved and revisited so it is advised that all the needed information be gathered in anticipation of completing the form in one sitting. Every field on the form is “required”, meaning it will not submit if a field is left blank.

We also require a birth certificate from contestants. In order to attach the birth certificate, you will need to scan it as a JPEG and store it on the computer you will be using to complete the application.

To access the form, visit our site at www.kafs.net, hover on the PAGEANTS button and scroll down to the MISS PRE-TEEN button, clicking on the button. A page featuring a photo of last year’s pageant winner appears. Scroll down to the blue bar below the photo and click on the REGISTER button at the right.

When the form appears, fill in each field. Please use upper and lower case, correct spelling and grammar.

At the point where it asks for the birth certification, you will need to find it in your storage and OPEN it so the name of the file appears in the window.

Read the “terms and conditions” and AGREE TO them.

Click the “I am not a Robot” and SUBMIT button.


All of the information listed below pertained to the 2020 pageant and is subject to change. Please check back at a later time for any updating information.

Tickets for our October pageants—Miss Teen and Miss Pre-Teen Kentucky County Fair—will go on sale in early September. Our site—kafs.net—will be the only source for advance sales, which will end in late September. Under the new system, customers will be to choose their seats (much like concerts and airlines). Tickets will be priced according to their location and will be priced at $20, $25 and $30 (including all fees and taxes). Credit and debit cards will be accepted as payment for the online purchases.

General Info

The 2020 Miss Pre-Teen Kentucky County Fair Pageant will be held October 17 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Louisville. The pageant will begin on Saturday afternoon at 1 pm. There will be links later to purchase tickets for the pageant. Remember that our pageant application and birth certificate must be filed with KAFHS prior to deadline in order for you to compete. Other rules and regulations can also be found on this site.

Friday schedule change from the past years

There will be no registration, interviews, or practice on Friday due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The pageant will be following CDC guidelines and social distancing.

Saturday Schedule and Attire

10 am - 11 am: Pageant registration (Please wear a mask)

12:40 pm: Contestants report to the dressing room (wearing a mask). Contestants must be dressed dressed in there evening gown with hair and make-up done. (No exceptions) No one but contestants are allowed in dressing room. Contestants must enter with a mask on and stay 6 feet from other contestants for social distancing. They will report to their assigned seat and stay seated until they are called to enter the stage or told otherwise by committee members.

1:00 pm: Pageant starts.

Comparative Judging
This will be done in evening their gown n groups of 5,

On Stage Question
Only the top teen will be asked questions on stage.

Judging Criteria

Gown 60%
On Stage Question 40%

Prize Money

Miss Pre-Teen $350
1st Runner Up $250
2nd Runner Up $200
3rd Runner Up $150
4th Runner Up $100

Important Notes

No cell phones, video cameras or signs are allowed in the pageant hall at any time.

1. Have contestants at designated areas by following the time schedule.

2. NO FOOD, FLOWERS, CANDY OF ANY KIND IN THE DRESSING ROOM…..there are too many allergies out there to take a chance of someone getting sick.

3. Mothers (or person responsible) will be the ONLY person allowed to accompany contestants to the dressing room on Saturday.Only contestants and pageant workers are permitted back stage after.

4. Please send only the things needed for the pageant to the dressing room area. Make sure the contestants name is somewhere on each piece of clothing and items they have with them.

5. If mothers (or person responsible) have special instructions regarding your child’s dress, please share and leave in writing these instructions with your Pageant Mom before leaving the dressing room.

If dresses have laces, please have them laced so we are able to get the contestants on stage in a timely manner.

Communicate to parents, DRESSES WERE TOO LONG.


6. Contestants are not allowed to have cell phones or any electronic devices in the dressing room.

7. At the end of the pageant the curtains are being opened to allow the girls to see the crowning, they are not being released for pickup. Please do not go back to the curtain area, remain in your seats. Mother (or person responsible), remain in the ballroom in contestant # order and contestants will be released by the same # order. Mothers (or person responsible) MUST have badge on with corresponding number in order to pick up contestants.

We sincerely hope that this will be a fun and exciting experience for your child. We ask that you please follow the instructions above.

The Miss Pre Teen Pageant Committee members and The Kentucky Association of Fairs and Horse Shows are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.


Susan Perkinson is chairman of the pageant committee. That committee oversees the general conduct of the pageant including wardrobe, rules, staging, judges, etc. If you feel it is absolutely necessary to inquire about something in this area, she can be contacted at 270-634-0365 or saperkinson@yahoo.com. You may also contact co-chairs Tina Gin at 859-468-7179 / tginn@corkensteel.com or Grace Dunagan at 270-537-5064 / dunagan@sctc.com/

Greg Thomas is executive secretary of the association and is responsible for pageant paperwork, ticket sales, membership, etc. If you need to question anything in this area, you can contact the association office at 270-384-5055 or info@kafs.net

Other members of the Pre-Teen Pageant Committee include:
Tracy Allnutt
Beth Cash Anderson
Rita Creech
Grace Dunagan
Judy England
Phyllis Flowers
Tina Ginn
Donna Molden
Vicki Morgan
Diane Poynter
Jill Peyton
Lisa Wiggins

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