Mrs/Ms Pageant Rules

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Mrs/Ms Pageant Rules

Ms./Mrs. Kentucky County Fair State Pageant

Rules & Regulations

Ms./Mrs. Kentucky County Fair Rules

1. Q1 Contestants must meet the deadline requirements established by KAFHS. Candidates who fail to meet the deadline will not be allowed to compete in the state pageant.

2.Q2 An entry form for the pageant shall be available to Association members prior to June 1. Completed entry forms should be submitted (electronically) to the Secretary within 30 days of the local pageant and must be received by December1. No entries will be accepted after December 1. Contestants not meeting that deadline will not be allowed to compete in the state pageant.

3.Q3 The contestant must be a natural born female, single, married, divorced or widowed and can have children. A birth certificate is required.

4. Q4 Contestant must be 22 years of age on October 31, of the year when local pageant is held at the local fair.

5. Q5 Contestants may not compete in any other pageant system that would prohibit the fulfillment of responsibilities through the state during her reign as Ms. /Mrs. Kentucky County Fair.

6. Q6 Kentucky (KAFAS) its affiliates, volunteers are not to be held responsible in any way for disqualifications of winners and/or contestants. Grounds for disqualification can be BUT are not limited to untrue statements or registration forms, misconduct, obscene, foul language, unruly/unbecoming behavior that on social media and/or the internet such as porn and any other reasons the pageant committee may deem as necessary. The board will make all decisions and they will be final.

7. Q7 Cameras, cell phones, iPad, and other electronic devices are not allowed backstage. Use of these electronic devices can disqualify.

any contestant during the pageant and such devices will be confiscated for the remainder of the pageant.

8. Q8 Clothing for the pageant will be MODEST, meaning no cut outs in the attire, very MODEST cleavage showing in all attire (no low cut in tops that go to belly button), no slits will be allowed higher than mid-thigh, no see-through attire.

9. Q9 Pageant year 2025 Mrs./Ms. Will compete together with one winner being crowned Mrs. Ky County Fair and one being crowned Ms. KY County Fair along with 1 st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th runners-up in each category along with a Miss Congeniality in each category.

10. Q10 Each County Fair will send ONLY 1 Contestant and maybe either a Ms. or Mrs. (married or single) to compete in the State Pageant.

General Rules Applicable to All Pageant Programs

G1 In order to participate in pageant programs, a Fair Member desiring to enter a contestant must be a member of the Kentucky Association of Fairs and Horse Shows (KAFHS) and have paid all dues and pageant fees prior to the local pageant being held and be eligible for state aid through the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

G2 A local County fair may conduct its local pageant by any rules or method they deem suitable to their situation, so long as the contestant elected to enter the KAFHS pageants meets the requirements set forth in these rules by said Association (KAFHS).

G3 No photo or internet contests / pageants are permitted for entry into any KAFHS state pageant program.

G4 Each local pageant must designate at least 30 days prior to the conduct of their pageant whether they have an open or closed contestant pageant and the date of such.

G5 A contestant must be a winner or runner-up in the local pageant. (Runner-up only accepted should for some reason the winner becomes ineligible or unable to attend.) A contestant can only represent one local fair and must represent the first local fair that they win first place in during the calendar year. (Local fairs are urged to not accept contestants who have won at a member show during that calendar year.) In the event a pageant winner has not met the deadline to enter the state pageant, a runner-up will not be accepted.

G6 The local Fair Board or sponsor is not responsible financially for transportation, room, and reserved seating or responsible for making such arrangements. Association (KAFHS) is not responsible for these aforementioned arrangements as well.

G7 Each member association shall designate one person to receive all correspondence from the association. It shall be that person’s responsibility to see that all rules, forms and other information are delivered to the appropriate person(s).

G8 Anyone winning a KAFHS state title is not eligible to compete in that pageant thereafter.

G9 Local fairs cannot accept contestants with out of state residence.

G10 Winners of KAFHS pageants are expected to attend the other four KAFHS pageants in that year and crown the next Ms./Mrs. Kentucky County Fair winner.

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