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Beauty Pageant Contestant Info

General Info

The 2022 Miss Kentucky County Fair Pageant will be held January 14 and 15 and the Galt House Hotel, Louisville. All activities will be held in the East Tower. You can make reservations at the Galt House Hotel.

Galt House reservations may be made using this link

Remember that your pageant application and a birth certificate must be filed with KAFHS prior to deadline in order for you to compete. Other rules and regulations can also be found on this site.

What To Bring

1. Appropriate attire for the interview segment includes a wide variety of clothing selection...ranging from church outfits to cocktail ensembles to evening wear. Remember, the interview is one-to-one. No judges will be present at the Contestants' Dinner, only for the interview.

2. Attire for swimsuit competition--one-piece swimsuits are required (no cut-outs or Brazilian cuts). Contestants will be permitted to wear heals during this segment of the competition.

3. Attire for evening gown segment of competition. (A two-piece gown is acceptable.)

4. Attire for opening/personal introduction will be your pageant swimsuit with your choice of metallic sarong/coverup and heels.

Check-In Info Desk

Friday 2-4, Lobby, 1st Floor

A contestant information Center will be located on the first floor, east side, of the Galt House Suites beginning at 2 pm. Members of the Pageant Committee will be available to answer questions.

Contestant Registration

Friday, 2-3 pm, Lobby, 1st Floor

Contestants will be registered for the pageant on the First floor of the Galt House Suites Tower between 2 and 3 pm. They’ll be asked to give their room number to the Committee in case they need to be contacted. The contestants will also pick up their information packet, identification badge and a T-shirt that will be worn for Saturday morning rehearsal.

Parent Meeting

Friday, 5 pm, Ford Room, 2nd Floor

On Friday at 5 pm, one representative (parent, guardian/chaperone) of each contestant is invited to an informational meeting in the Ford Room to explain procedures, directions and time frames related to the pageant. Attend this meeting if you have any questions regarding the pageant or the instructions you’ve been provided.


Friday, 5:00 and 6:45, Ford-Carroll Room, 2nd Floor

Contestants need to be prompt.

Assigned numbers will be given prior to interview and reclaimed before you leave. The numbering will determine your place for interviews and on stage.

Light finger foods and drinks will be available to the contestants. They will be seating at large, round tables with other contestants as they await their turn for interviews.

The reception and the interview are for contestants, judges and committee only. No cell phones are allowed.

Remember, the interview for Miss Kentucky County Fair Pageant is one-on-one. No judges will be present at the Contestants’ Dinner, only for the interview



Saturday, 9-11 am, Ballroom, 2nd Floor

No one is permitted in the room except pageant contestants and Miss Kentucky County Fair Pageant Committee members.

Casual Dress

Bring Heels for Practice

Pageant Walk-Through

Vote for Miss Congeniality

Dressing Room

Saturday, 5 pm, Carroll Room, 2nd Floor

Contestant must report to Dressing Room by 5 pm. Once they’ve received initial assistance in transporting the “necessities” to the dressing room, only contestant and committee members are permitted in the back stage/dressing room area. Absolutely no cell phones are permitted.

All contestants must remain backstage and in evening gowns until winners are announced.


Saturday, 6 pm, Grand Ballroom, 2nd Floor

Judging Criteria

Interview, 20%

Swimsuit, 40%

Evening Gown, 40%

All contestants must remain backstage and in evening gowns until winners are announced.

Other Notes

No cell phones, 2-way radios, video cameras or signs are allowed in the pageant hall at any time. The pageant will be professionally video taped and photographed and copies will be available for a fee. Cell phones found in dressing room will be confiscated and could result in disqualification from participating in the pageant.


Beverly Burcham is chairman of the pageant committee. That committee oversees the general conduct of the pageant including wardrobe, rules, staging, judges, etc. If you feel it is absolutely necessary to inquire about something in this area, she can be contacted at 859-586-7441 or

Greg Thomas is executive secretary of the association and is responsible for pageant paperwork, ticket sales, membership, etc. If you need to question anything in this area, you can contact the association office at 270-378-1885 or

Members of the Beauty Pageant Committee include:
Beverly Burcham
Terry Harvey
Billie Rae Bush
Diana Cash
Sandra Cupps
Tara Arnold Griffith
Tami Hart
Shelli Keesee
Merza Martin
Bobby C. Nolan
Alison Holland
Holly Poynter
Sherry Radford
Linda Thomas

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