Grievance Process
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Grievance Process

The purpose ofthe Grievance Committee is to provide a forum for the hearing and settlement of grievances involving the Kentucky Association of Fairs and Horse Shows, Inc. members thereof, Associate Members, or Individual Members of said Association

The Grievance Committee shall endeavor to effect reasonable settlement ofdisputes, hear testimony and make recommendation to the Board of Directors, the General Membership or any standing Committee of the Kentucky Association of Fair s & Horse Shows, Inc.

The procedure for the filing, hearing and resolution of complaints to the Grievance Committee are as follows:

1. All complaints must be in writing and in typewritten form, dates and signed by the person making the complaint.

2. All complaints must state the nature of the complaints, the names and addresses of all parties involved and the relief requested.

3. All complaints must either be mailed to the Chairman of the Grievance Committee, by CERTIFIED MAIL, RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED, or personally delivered to the said Chairman.

4. The Chairman shall immediately cause copies or the complaint to be delivered to all Members of the Grievance Committee.

5. Should a majority of the Grievance Committee find the complaint to be a substantial complaint, the Chairman shall send a copy of the Complaint to the parties involved.The Chairman shall then notify the parties of the proper procedure to make a response to the Complaint.

6. All Responses must be in typewritten form, dates and signed by the Respondent.

7. Should the Grievance Committee deem it necessary to conduct a hearing, the Committee shall give reasonable notice of the time and place of the meeting, giving due consideration to the convenience of the parties, the importance of the Complaint and the need for timely actions.

8. The Grievance Committee shall have authority to hear the complaints and make recommendations with or without a hearing.

9. All hearings shall be conducted in an orderly fashion.All witnesses appearing before the Committee shall conduct themselves properly or will be subject to being removed from the hearing.An oath or affirmation shall be required of all witnesses testifying before the Committee.The Chairman of the Committee shall have the authority to rule upon the admissibility of evidence and shall further have the authority to make such rulings as are necessary to an orderly hearing process.

10. The Grievance Committee shall meet at each annual meeting of the Association.The time and place of such meetings shall be duly posted by the Executive Secretary of the Association at the registration desk.

11. The Chairman of a majority of the Committee may call a special meeting of the Committee upon five (5) days written notice to all Members.

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