Horse Show High Points Program
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Horse Show High Points Program

Horse Show High Point Award Classes

A Champion and Reserve will be named in each of the following classes with an award being given to each. The divisions below may be broken down at each show by age or other classes as may be set forth by the AHSA rules.

Awards will be made at the annual meeting of the Association on points received ONLY in the following:
  • ASB Western Pleasure
  • Equitation Pleasure
  • Equitation Saddleseat
  • Equitation Saddleseat, Rider 10 Yrs. & Under, Walk Trot
  • Fine Harness
  • Five-Gaited, Amateur
  • Five-Gaited, Open
  • Five-Gaited, Pleasure
  • Hackney
  • Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving
  • Harness Show Pony
  • Huntseat, Open
  • Miniature Halter, Mare or Gelding Show by Youth 17 Yrs. & Under
  • Miniature Halter, Mature Mares (3 Yrs & Older)

  • Miniature Halter, Mature Stallions & Geldings (3 Yrs & Older)
  • Miniature Pleasure Driving
  • Roadster Horse, Amateur
  • Road Horse, Open
  • Roadster Horse Under Saddle
  • Roadster Pony to Bike, 52" & Under, Open
  • Roadster Pony to Bike 52" & Under, Amateur
  • Roadster Pony Under Saddle
  • Roadster Pony, Juvenile
  • Saddlebred, Model
  • Saddlebred Show Pleasure/Country Pleasure Driving
  • Three-Gaited, Amateur
  • Three-Gaited, Juvenile

  • Three-Gaited, Open
  • Three-Gaited Country Pleasure, Adult Rider
  • Three-Gaited Country Pleasure, Juvenile Rider
  • Three-Gaited Park
  • Three-Gaited Park Pleasure
  • Three-Gaited Show Pleasure, Adult Rider
  • Three-Gaited Show Pleasure, Juvenile Rider
  • Three-Gaited Show Pleasure, Open
  • Arabian Halter
  • Arabian English/Country Pleasure
  • Arabian Western Pleasure
  • Arabian Hunter Pleasure
  • Arabian Sport Horse/Dresssage
  • Arabian Specialty

High Point Award Rules and Regulations

  1. In order to win awards, a horse or rider must have been entered and shown in at least 5 different member shows.Those member shows must participate in point system in order for points to count from their shows.Must have paid their annual dues and applicable horse show fee.
  2. Points shall count as follows:First-10 points; Second-7 points; Third-5 points; Fourth-3 points.
  3. Point class specification must confirm substantially with the American Horse Show Rules Book, or AQHA.
  4. Each member show must file a copy of their entry sheets, (including a list of all entries in the class) indicating the first four places with an official program or equivalent complete information.This must be filed within 30 days of the close of the show with the Association Secretary and, in no event, later than November 1. A late penalty charge of $50.00 shall be made by the association against any member show for non-compliance and, unless paid to the association on or before March 1 of the following year, such a member shall not receive approval or participate in the high points awards.Delinquent members name for non-compliance will be published for the benefit of exhibitors.
  5. Any exhibitor who has joined the Association as an individual member of family member, may submit their points to the Horse Show Committee Chairman, if authenticated by an Association Member Show Secretary accompanied by an official program on or before November 1.
  6. All points submitted are recommended to the sent to the Association Secretary by certified mail, return receipt requested.No complaints will be heard by the Horse Show Committee unless the show or exhibitor produces such receipt.
  7. Show or Fairs which fail to comply will be suspended for one year in participating in all activities of the association.They may be reinstated by payment of current dues after one year plus all delinquent years.
  8. Association members are recommended to give their Fair and Horse Show dates to the Secretary by January 1st.Association members may hold one horse show for highpoint awards competition which will be held on consecutive dates unless weather prevents or if more than one show if held, all points awards for each show will beconsigned so that a final result produces a first, second, third and fourth place winner.A maximum of two highpoint shows within a calendar year per each association member will count for high point awards.The A, B or C fee must be paid for each show.Any attempt to circumvent this rule is subject ot review by the Horse Show Committee.
  9. In order to earn High Points winner in horse shows, the owner(s) or co-owner(s) of the horse must be an individual or family member of the Kentucky Association of Fairs and Horse Shows.If the equitation rider is not included in the above, they must be a member.
  10. Any new show or date changes will be subject to approval of the Horse Show Committee in order to qualify for High Points Awards.Membership must be received by February 1, for the name to appear in Members and Dates Book.
  11. All show points count for individual and family members if dues and received by May 1 by the Association Secretary.After May 1, show will count from the date dues are received by the Association Secretary.
  12. There must be a minimum of 3 qualified entries in order to retain the division of the High Point Awards Program.
  13. The Bill Munford Memorial High Point Award shall be awarded to the horse, pony or miniature horse that has accrued the most points in one of the association high point divisions with points recorded and awarded by the KAFHS.

Horse Show Rules

    • Association Horse Shows shall be rated by the Committee annually assigning the letter A, B or C.
    • An “A” Show shall be any member whose cash premiums total $10,000 or more, or whose show runs for 5 consecutive days or more.($100 fee)
        • A “B” Show shall be any member whose cash premiums total at least $5,000 and not more than $10,000, or whose show runs for at least 3 consecutive days and not more than 4 consecutive days. ($75)
        • A “C” Show shall be any member not included in any other category. ($50)
        • Each show assigned a rating by the Committee shall hold a minimum of five classes offered under the high points award system, excepting those shows which are restricted to breed or exhibitors.
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