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Miss Kentucky County Fair Entry Form

This form is for the local county winner only to use in entering the state pageant. If you want to enter a local pageant, you need to contact that fair directly.

Contestant Info

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Name you want on badge
On Date of State Pageant
Parent or Guardian
Parents’ Address
Parents’ Phone
Birth Certificate Required for Submission
Pageant Director’s Name
Director’s Phone
Director’s email

State Fair Opening Day Participation

On opening Day of the Kentucky State Fair, we invite all our Miss Kentucky County Fair contestants to help us with our Little Miss and Mister County Fair pageant.
If you agree to help us (by Aug. 1), we will email two (2) gate admissions, an updated schedule and map of the grounds. If the queen cannot attend, we would welcome a runner up or Miss Teen to represent your fair and help us with the younger pageant. (If so, have them email the association ( so that we can make provisions.
--Queens should report to Room 108 in the South Wing for registration between 9 and 10 am.
--The Queens' Committee will conduct a tour and orientation at 10:15. Choose comfortable clothing and shoes to wear for the orientation and rehearsal. (You're encouraged to wear sash and crown through the day to promote your county.)
--Bring all clothing with you. A storage and dressing area will be provided, although there is no security in this area.
--Each gate admission scan will admit one person (including parking) for one time only--No Pass Outs. You will be charged admission and parking if you leave and return.
--You must remain focused on responsibilities throughout the day. Because of the large numbers of children and parents involved in this production, we cannot accommodate "boyfriends."
If you have questions, you may contact Sharon Gupton at 270-299-5645 or Dudley Hay at 606-387-6172.
State Fair Participation

Biographical Info

Ambitions/Career Goals:
(in 25 words or less)
Community Activities and Involvement:
(in 50 words or less)
Favorite Thing
(in ten words or less)
School Attending

A completed entry form should be submitted no later than 30 days after the completion of you local fair. Entries received after Dec. 1 will result in automatic disqualification.

A copy of the contestant's birth certificate must be scanned and forwarded at the time this application is submitted. The entry form is not considered submitted until the birth certificate is received.

By filing this application, the contestant agrees that if she is selected as Miss Kentucky County Fair, she will attempt to attend all functions of the Kentucky Association of Fairs and Horse Shows. She further acknowledges they she has read familiarized herself with the rules pertaining to the pageant and certify that she is eligible to participate and agrees to abide by such. She further agrees to not compete in any other pageant system that would prohibit the fulfillment of responsibilities through the state during her reign as Miss Kentucky County Fair. If, after receiving the title of Miss Kentucky County Fair, she conducts herself in such a manner unbecoming the title, she agrees to forfeit her title, crown and any unpaid prize.

The Kentucky Association of Fairs and Horse Shows, Inc. and all their employees, agents and servants cannot be held responsible for accidents, injury or loss of personal property relating to this event. Judges decisions are final.
I agree to the terms and conditions

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