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Little Miss & Mister Contestant Info

Entry Form Instructions

The application is in three columns:the left for basic information about the local fair; the center column for the Little Miss information, and the right column for the Little Mister information. Since the form cannot be saved and revisited, it is almost imperative that the two candidates complete the form at the same time and have the necessary information about their fair.Every field on the form is “required”, meaning it will not submit if a field is left blank.

We also require a birth certificate from both contestants.In order to attach the birth certificate, you will need to scan it and store it on the computer you will be using to complete the application.Please save it as “2018 (contestant’s name) LM”.

To access the form, visit our site at www.kafs.net, hover on the PAGEANTS button and scroll down to the LITTLE MISS AND MISTER button, clicking on the button. A page featuring a photo of last year’s pageant winner appears. Scroll down to the blue bar below the photo and click on the REGISTER button at the right.

When the form appears, fill in each field.Please use upper and lower case, correct spelling and grammar.

At the point where it asks for the birth certification, you will need to find it in your storage and OPEN it so the name of the file appears in the window.

Read the “terms and conditions” and AGREE TO them.

Click the “I am not a Robot” and SUBMIT button.


General Info

The Little Miss and Mister Pageant is held on the opening day of the Kentucky State Fair, 7:30, South Wing Conference Center, Room 104.
Our committees who oversee the pageant are well experienced in youth pageants. In addition, we utilize an almost one-to-one ration of local beauty queens to help us keep up with the little ones throughout the day's activities.
Remember that your pageant applications and birth certificates must be filed with KAFHS prior to deadline in order for you to complete. Other rules and regulations can also be found on this site.




Normal admission rates are applicable for contestant and their families. If you decide to leave the Fairgrounds at any point during the day, you will be charged admission to re-enter and be re-assessed a parking fee. There are possibly discount admission programs in place at such places as Kroger that you may want to avail in order to reduce your cost of participation.


Contestants need to register and be dressed as a couple in the South Wing Conference Center. Signs will be posted. Contestants register, using the county name, as follows:

10 am--Counties N-Z
11 am--Counties A-G
Noon--Counties H-M

At the time of registration, parents or chaperones will be issued a contestant identification number. After the pageant, this number will be called and the parent of chaperone must present the number before the child can be release to them.

Following registration, contestants are to report to Room 104.


Contestants should wear denim shorts, socks and tennis shoes and will be provided a tee-shirt which is to be worn during the interview and rehearsal.


Contestants should be dressed and backstage at 7:15.

Contestants must wear "age appropriate" attire only for the pageant.

Makeup will not be allowed during the pageant (or rehearsal). No crown or sash is to be worn during the pageant. Due to time limitation, no modeling routines, turns or poses will be allowed.

Contestants will at all times be judged as a couple, but they do not have to dress as a couple.

Parents or chaperones are not allowed behind the stage at any time during the contest. Assigned staff will be in the dressing area to assist contestants.


There is no additional charge for seating during the pageant. No one will be permitted to reserve seats by marking or denoting them as reserved in any way. Any notes, signs, streamers or other items used in at attempt to reserve seats will be removed by security.
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